Do you struggle with hormone imbalances?

Dr. Lisa Kimbell specializes in treating hormonal imbalances, PCOS, infertility, weight gain, menopause, irregular cycles and other issues using Functional Medicine.

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Are you struggling with any of the following...

PCOS & Hormones

With FEMM protocols and a functional medicine approach I work to find the root cause of what is driving your hormone imbalances including PCOS & menopause.


Many women with PCOS and hormone imbalances have trouble conceiving. Let's work together to find the root cause and create a personalized plan that optimizes your reproductive system.

Trouble losing weight

Are you having trouble losing weight? Hormonal issues could be at play but lifestyle changes me also be necessary. We will find the root cause of your trouble losing weight.

Irregular Cycles

Do you have irregular cycles? It could be due to PCOS or another hormonal issue. Work with me to find the root cause of your irregular cycles and work to fix them naturally!

How I can help you...

Hi! I’m Dr. Lisa, an IFM Certified physician specializing in functional medicine. Having been diagnosed with PCOS myself and struggling with hormonal imbalances in the past, I understand what symptoms can do not only to your body, but to your overall way of life. If you are anything like me, you went to your OB/GYN who recommended the pill to "treat" your PCOS symptoms. But in reality the pill acts as a band-aid that covers up symptoms and does not truly heal your body. 
I discovered Functional Medicine and how focusing on the root cause can be the most effective way to heal PCOS as well as other hormonal issues women face today. I now specialize in helping women control PCOS symptoms, hormonal issues, and other imbalances using a Functional Medicine and integrative approach. 

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I work with women to reset their hormones and reverse imbalances. This is not an online course video. I offer a one-on-one doctor to patient relationship. Interested in a free 15-minute call to see how I can help you? Schedule a meeting now...

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What people are saying about Dr. Lisa...

"I'm SO HAPPY I found you. This experience thus far is incredible! Thank you!!"

-Karen R.

"Dr. Kimbell is an amazing doctor! She really listens and takes time to provide individual care. I cannot thank her enough!"

-Melissa H 

"You put me on the path to healing. Thank you SO much!"
-Cathy K

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